Privacy & Policy respects every customer/person's privacy, constantly strives to secure user data, and does not permit the existence of opaqueness. Hence, the concerned privacy policy will bring forth all the facts regarding the usage of your personal information, disclosing (when necessary) your details and other associated Information which we aggregated when you registered with us.

Personal Information we collect:
We may accumulate Personal Information wholly based on your acceptance of our services. However, these personal details signify your identity through which we generate bills, tickets, resolutions, updates, etc. Consider what more is included in Personal information or details:
  • Postal Address.
  • Email Address.
  • Phone number.
  • Name.
  • Credit/Debit Card information or number.
  • Passport number.
  • Other essential details which you may provide while registering with us.
How do we collect your Information?
We, along with our affiliated parties or individually, may collect your Information for future purposes, for example, marketing. However, to bring transparency or the facts to the core, below are the means through which we tend to accumulate;
  • Through your Cookies— In every system, device, or product, there is a system of Cookies where every piece of Information (upon your acceptance) is stored, for example, server, language preferences, traffic, visits to different pages, user identifiers, etc., that are used for marketing.
  • Via technologies such as Pixels, Tags, etc.— These technologies can also be called Web beacons and GIFs. These technologies help us track your services, such as dropping cookies, and provide and observe the growth of all the running campaigns through these modernized resources.
  • IP Address— Every electronic product, such as Phone, Computer, Laptop, etc., contains an IP Address as these are used via Internet Services. Once you register on our platform, we automatically get access to your Information related to the time you visited the website, your nearby or accurate location, etc.
  • Via Browser or Device— We, through your browsers or devices, tend to collect your details or the Information related to your websites usages, for example, MAC (Media Access Control) address, product name, server, version, product type, language, Internet type, device name, and other relevant Information.
  • Adobe Flash Technology and other associated services— By and large, flash LSO (Local shared objects) is used to accumulate your Information with respect to your activities on different platforms. However, if you do not want to give your consent, through this technology, your activity is monitored, and you can block access.
  • Physical location— We tend to aggregate Information through our different satellites, Wifi signals, or Cell Towers, and we strive to provide location-centric services and associated contents. Once you access our services, we are authorized to share the physical location of your device with all our affiliated partners to boost our geo-targeted advertisements.
Other Information we may collect:
"Other Information" denotes Information not associated with an individual identity. Below you can find several examples that highlight what other Information we may collect; please consider them:
  • Application usages information or data.
  • Browser data.
  • Product details.
  • Information in the Cookies.
  • Demographic Information.
Use of Personal Information:
We and our affiliated partners use your details to promote our marketing strategies, generate bills, etc. However, in the mentioned points, you will learn how we can use your Personal Information:
  • To make you entitled to participate in different promotions and contests, to look after the services provided.
  • To send you all the information, updates, newsletters, and resolutions to all your concerns or doubts through our assistance team, etc.
  • You get the authority to forward texts or messages to your known ones via services. However, this denotes you are authorized to provide us your known-ones Information with us.
  • To promote our marketing or normal business, fixing crashes or errors, bugs, improving, accelerating, etc., our offerings or services, releasing the marketing trends, and expanding our business activities.
  • The information, apart from personal details, can be used for other purposes (to be applicable under the law).
  • To make the booking process, payment process, and communication to resolve all the rising queries, provide proper customer support so the utilization can happen effectively.
  • To provide all the necessary administrative Information, such as updates with respect to changes made in terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc.
  • To forward you all the marketing updates that will interest you or the personalized usage of your services.
  • To make your social sharing experience feasible.
  • To generate bills, ticket details or preface, Information when required to edit in the Online portal, etc.
Disclosure of Personal Information.
Your confidential details can be shared or transferred to the given parties in certain situations. However, these external parties or organizations are not authorized with us; hence, the Information shared with the party (which is not affiliated) is subject to their Privacy Policy. (excluding our Affiliates or adjoint partners).
  • To our business associates who promote services through different ads and digital platforms or who promote its services on platforms.
  • To all our associated travel partners who are into promoting their services, including all the travel insurance providers, agencies, etc.
  • To the third parties who are indulged in promoting contests, surveys, promotions, etc.
  • To recognize you on other platforms via these services. You can also set up the settings whether you wish to share personal information along with chat, blogs, etc., But if you agree to disclose, the Information you provided to us will be made publicly available. Hence, you are requested to provide your acceptance based on your analysis.
  • To our affiliated third-party agencies or entities who are into the services of airlines, hotels, car rentals, etc.
  • On the basis of your acceptance of the agreement, you make us authorized to use all your Information and disclose it to the social media service provider. Once you register with us, you authorize us to use your personal information with all these external parties.
  • Jot down relevant points (a) you must agree to all the legal terms and their associated processes and eliminate fraud ventures (b) within the applicable law within or outside your region © to secure all the privacy, content, property, safety, or of our associates (d) to respond to all the Public and Government departments (e) authorize us to provide appropriate remedies to eradicate the damages (if any).
Third-party involvement
We are not responsible for any of the third party' work, nor the concerned privacy policy addresses them. Additionally, we will not be responsible for any disclosure or revealing of your details. Hence, you are suggested to provide your approval to use your data on the basis of your careful go-through of the Privacy Policy.
All the Third-party agents, such as advertisements service providers, retargeting agencies, social media channels, etc., including us, get the authority to share your Personal Information to run advertisements, content, etc., that can be relevant for you. This also assists us in analyzing the results, growth, and response from the users or consumers of our services. Most Information is aggregated through using different modern tools such as Cookies, beacons, Pixels, etc., and are used to recognize you through multiple products.
Despite sharing your Personal Information with third parties (only when necessary), we, along with our affiliated partners, endeavor to promote transparency and all the safety measures to protect users' data. However, we do not provide complete security of the Personal Information. If you experience any unauthorized functioning, you are requested to contact the customer assistance team, who will provide you with complete guidance.
Services for Minors.
With our affiliates, we urge the below 18 years users not to register themselves on the platforms, as their Personal Information can be disclosed to other parties. And in some circumstances, we may not entertain the registration of kids.
Sensitive Information
We always urge you not to share or disclose any credentials with respect to Ethnicity, Political opinion, Health, Biometrics, genetic characteristics, etc., to our platform or on any other platform.
Privacy Policy Modifications.
Reservationsdeal Colombia reserves the right to change the terms of this Privacy Policy anytime, without prior notice. In case you are not cleared any of our policies or have any questions, you can straight away contact us at